All Four Disney World Parks in One Afternoon: Part 3

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Part 3: Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Dinner with my Parents

On the way to Hollywood Studios, I called my parents to make dinner plans. I needed something close to Hollywood Studios so I told them to meet me at Beach Club. My plan was to be at Beach Club about one hour after arriving at Hollywood Studios. Figuring about a 20 minute boat ride from the Studios to the Yacht and Beach Club dock, that leaves me about 40 minutes in the Studios. I knew that unless the lines were very short I wouldn’t be getting on any big ticket attractions but I figured I would have time for Star Tours and a leisurely loop around the park.

After getting in the park, it wasn’t long before I heard some Streetmosphere characters down Hollywood Boulevard. The guys from the Public Works were out doing their thing but their skit was cut short by rain. Here are a couple cell phone photos of their shenanigans:

Public Works Characters Sparky Sparks and Frederick Lewenowsky-Disney's Hollywood Studios

Public Works Characters Sparky Sparks and Frederick Lewenowsky-Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Public Works Character Frederick Lewenowsky-Disney's Hollywood Studios

Public Works Character Frederick Lewenowsky-Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Since I was in the area, and now that I had spent several minutes watching the Streetmosphere act and probably wouldn’t have time for a Star Tours ride, I figured I would just relax for a few minutes with a beer at the Tune-in Lounge. I got my beer, but the relaxing part didn’t work out too well since there were a few people there having a bit more “fun” than I wanted to deal with at the moment. So I took my beer in a to go cup and took a walk around Echo Lake.

The S.S. Down The Hatch is home to Min and Bill's Dockside Diner-Disney's Hollywood Studios

The S.S. Down The Hatch is home to Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner-Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Across Echo Lake from the SS Down The Hatch, we find the Indianan Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular…

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular-Disney's Hollywood Studios

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular-Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I then strolled past Star Tours and over to my favorite hidden gem in Hollywood Studios, the Writers Stop. I grabbed a couple of my favorite goodies for dessert with my parents later: the Carrot Cake Cookie. YUM!

Leaving Writers Stop, I took a walk down Streets of America, past Backlot Tour, down Pixar Place, and headed towards the exit…

Streets of America-Disney's Hollywood Studios

Streets of America-Disney’s Hollywood Studios

With Carrot Cake cookies in hand, I headed off to catch a boat to the Beach Club to meet my parents for dinner.

Because of it’s location, pool, and the wonderful décor of its lobby and rooms, Beach Club is one of my very favorite resorts at Walt Disney World. So, when I arrived a few minutes before my parents, I was happy to get comfy in one of the plush chairs in the lobby while I waited.

When my parents arrived we discussed food options and settled on Beach Club Marketplace for a quick, reasonably priced bite to eat. The meal was just right and my parents loved the Carrot Cake Cookie I got us for dessert!

After dinner I gave my parents a tour of the Beach Club and Yacht Club resorts, as well as pointed out the amazing sandy bottom pool, including the waterslide, the lazy river, and the pool spas. Ahhhh….

View of the Pool at Disney's Beach Club Resort

View of the Pool at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Well, thats it for my quick visit to Hollywood Studios and dinner with my parents.

Still on the itinerary for tonight are Magic Kingdom and Epcot. It’s getting late. Will I make it? Find out in the next installment…


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