New Adult Drink at Joy of Tea in China

Not being a tea lover, I don’t usually give the Joy of Tea at Epcot’s China Pavilion a second look…

Joy of Tea Kiosk

Joy of Tea Kiosk

…but the picture on this display caught my eye, and the title stopped me dead in my tracks. Tipsy Ducks in Love?? Let’s get a closer look.

Tipsy Ducks In Love-A new adult beverage in Epcot at Joy of Tea

Tipsy Ducks In Love-A new adult beverage in Epcot at Joy of Tea

Hmmm, tea (of course), coffee, whiskey, (oooh) and chocolate (now ya got me). We had to try one of these! Although I did not see the tea/coffee/chocolate go into the cup, I did get to watch as the whiskey was generously poured over the top. Whipped cream, they asked? But of course! And I was told to stir it well before trying. (Note that there is a non-alcoholic version available for the kids too.)

Tipsy Ducks In Love-A new adult beverage in Epcot at Joy of Tea

Tipsy Ducks In Love-A new adult beverage in Epcot at Joy of Tea

This was delicious, not as sweet as I would have thought with the chocolate, wondering if a dark or more bitter chocolate was used. You could certainly taste the whiskey, but it was just the right amount to blend with the other ingredients. Tea? Coffee? I’m sure they were in there, but it was the chocolate and whiskey combination that really made this perfect.

As we turned to continue through the countries, we were stopped by the raised bridge for the Illuminations barges. So we sat and enjoyed this new drink in a bit of shade. We were approached by a woman who noted that our drink looked very refreshing (and that we really seemed to be enjoying it!) and inquired as to where we got it. I pointed out the Joy of Tea just down the hill and then watched her wander a bit near the bridge and finally turn and head down to the kiosk herself! (Leaving her perplexed family behind, no less!)

So hopefully this drink will stick around, at least through the summer. It certainly is a cup of Joy!

Disney Dining Plan now accepted at Anandapur Tea Company!

As big fans of the Iced Chai Tea and the REAL coffee available at the Royal Anandapur Tea Company, we were always a bit disappointed that this food location was not on the Disney Dining Plan.

Royal Anandapur Tea Company

Royal Anandapur Tea Company in Asia in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Well, on our recent trip to Walt Disney World we were delighted to find that the Royal Anandapur Tea Company now accepts snack credits from the Disney Dining Plan for most of the items on their menu. This applies to all drinks that only come in one size, but only the small sizes of the drinks that come in small, medium, and large, and for some reason does not apply to the “Flavored Latte”. (See the photo below) The Frozen Chai Tea found here is one of our favorite non-alcoholic drinks on property, especially on those hot summer days. At $4.89 for the small, this is also a very good value for your snack credit.

Royal Anandapur Tea Company-Now on the Disney Dining Plan

Royal Anandapur Tea Company now accepts Snack Credits on the Disney Dining Plan

Although not as great a value for your snack credit, this is also one of the few places on property where you can get a REAL cup coffee. That alone may make it worth the snack credit for some, but being a coffee addict as well as one who loves to squeeze every penny from my snack credits, I would rather pay out of pocket for the large. Regardless, its always great to see Disney expanding its Dining Plan options!