Disney’s All Star Sports Resort

General Information

Disney’s All Star Sports Resort is one of three value resorts in the trio of All Star Resorts. It is made up of 10 buildings broken up into five sections. Each section is themed with massive icons that represent football, tennis, baseball, basketball, and surfing. (photos of each section can be found below) Each of the ten buildings has 192 rooms divided over three floors, for a total of 1920 guest rooms. Each room is 260 square feet. The All-Star Sports Resort has only two pools, the main Surfboard Bay Pool, and the smaller Grand Slam Pool in the Homerun Hotel Section of the resort. A map of the resort can be found here.

Location and Transportation

The three All Star Resorts are considered Animal Kingdom area resorts, so Animal Kingdom is closest, then Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom is the furthest. It is also further from Downtown Disney than most other resorts. Note that the All Stars are also located very close to Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Participants in events at the Sports Complex tend to stay specifically at The All Star Sports Resort. These groups can cause a raucous and can overrun the food court and busses if your schedule happens to coincide with theirs. Personally, we have never had a problem, but we usually avoid the times when the Sports Complex is active. Look here for the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex schedule.

Since the All Star Resorts are not on a waterway or the monorail loop, the only transportation provided by Disney is by bus. If you need or want more efficient transportation and don’t have a car, taxis can usually be found in the check-in lot across from where the busses pick up.

Disney’s All Star Sports Resort is the first resort you arrive at as you enter the All Star Resort area. The three resorts are known to share busses so being the first resort in the pickup and drop off cycle can be a big benefit. You will be the first stop to pick up so your bus will not arrive already full, and you will be the first passengers dropped off after your day at the park, getting you back “home” more quickly.

All Star Sports Photo Overview

Coming from the Check-in lot, this is the view of the check in area and main building, Stadium Hall. To get to the check in counter, walk straight across the road, and go in the double doors on the left. If you are arriving via Magical Express the bus will drop you off directly in front of the entrance.
Disney All Star Sports 1

Busses to the theme parks pick up guests in front of the ALL STAR SPORTS sign.
Disney All Star Sports 2

You check in at this counter. On the far left of this photo you will see a glimpse of the where the next photo picks up…
Disney All Star Sports 3

This hallway has many photos of prominent figures from several different sports. Closest here is Danica Patrick.Disney All Star Sports 15

As you walk down the hall shown above, to the right is the All Star Sports gift shop, Sport GoofyDisney All Star Sports 4

Disney All Star Sports 5

Directly across from the gift shop is the End Zone Food Court, which was in the middle of a major refurbishment when I took these photos, hence no photos of the food court. (yet…)

Turning right out of Sport Goofy takes you straight out to the main pool, Surfboard Bay Pool.
Disney All Star Sports 6

To the left is the Team Spirits bar.Disney All Star Sports 7

Continuing to the left you arrive at the Touchdown! section of the resort, buildings 7 and 10, room numbers 7101-7364 and 0101-0364.Disney All Star Sports 8

The photo below is taken from between the giant football helmets seen above. The giant Coca Cola cup seen in the background below is the icon for the Homerun Hotel section of the resort.Disney All Star Sports 9

From left to right, the buildings are 9 and 8, (rooms 9101-9364 and 8101-8364) and the guest laundry. Directly in front of the giant Coca Cola cup is the only other pool at the resort, the Grand Slam Pool.Disney All Star Sports 10

Another view of the Grand Slam Pool, with Goofy firing a water canon in the center. In the background you can see that the guest laundry is themed as a set of bleachers. And no, you can not actually sit in them…Disney All Star Sports 11

Walking around behind the Touchdown and Surf’s Up buildings from Homerun Hotel, you first arrive at Center Court, where we find Huey Dewey, and Louie playing some baseball. It seems odd that this area is themed as a tennis court, yet this trio is playing baseball… The Center Court section of the All Star Sports resort is made up of buildings 4 and 5, rooms 4101-4364, and 5101-5364. Disney All Star Sports 13

Across from the Center Court area is the Hoops Hotel area seen below in the background.Disney All Star Sports 12

Here we are looking from the back of the Surf’s Up section towards the main lobby.Disney All Star Sports 14

All Star Sports Address and Contact Information

1701 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL

Phone: 407-939-5000
Fax: 407-939-7333
General Reservations: 1-407-WDISNEY (1-407-934-7639)

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