Rained out for a Hard ticket Event at Disney World?

Have you ever worried about purchasing a ticket to Disney event such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and having your plans ruined due to rain or other unforeseen circumstances? We experienced a torrential downpour for a Halloween Party in October 2012 and thought it would be helpful for our readers to hear about our experience and what Disney may be able to do for you. Hopefully it will make you a bit less hesitant to spend the extra bucks for one of these hard ticket events.

The Story

The evening started off looking a bit ominous. This is what it looked like at about 6PM:

Nasty Weather for a Disney Hard Ticket Event

It poured heavily for the first two hours of the night for the Not So Scary Halloween Party on October 4th, 2012. The Villains’ Mix and Mingle was canceled for all shows, the first parade was canceled, and the second parade was delayed till almost 11PM. There were very long lines at City Hall with lots of people unhappy about the situation. My family was in that line while the rain was still coming down. I gave up on the line and decided to make the best of it. The fireworks finally went off and the parade finally ran, albeit without the Headless Horseman due to the slippery walkways. We did lots of Trick-or-Treating and ended up with about 5 pounds of candy. As we left there were still long lines at City Hall so we decided to stop back another day.

The next day we returned to City Hall and asked a Cast Member how they were dealing with the situation. We were told that they handled each guest on a case by case basis. It basically sounded like the more you complained, the more Disney would do for you. With us they started with offering a free party for another night. That didn’t work out for our trip schedule, so they offered us vouchers for a free day at Magic Kingdom good for one year from that date. We had five party tickets, so we got five vouchers. This worked out great for us. My parents were with us and they bailed after about an hour in the rain, so now they got another chance to spend a day in Magic Kingdom. Mom and I have Annual Passes and get them every year so the vouchers will not do much for us. However, the kids have 10 day Park Hopper, Water Park, No Expiration passes. The vouchers are not tied to a specific person so we were able to save three days on the kids passes and we used the other two for another visit on a separate trip with my parents. For those that couldn’t make it to another party night, and couldn’t use the voucher, refunds may even have been available.

Details on getting compensation for a rained out hard ticket event

This is for a situation where a significant part of the experience of the event is lost. Not just a sprinkle of rain that did not affect the scheduled events. Like I said above, all Villain’s Mix and Mingle shows were canceled, the first parade was canceled, the second went off late and without the Headless Horseman, and the fireworks were delayed. The wind was howling and there was ankle deep water on Main Street USA. Please don’t try to get a free day at Magic Kingdom  because of a little rain that has very little effect on the evenings events.

If you do have an experience such as ours, first and foremost, be reasonable. The Cast Member you talk to didn’t make it rain for your vacation. Don’t take it out on them. I saw too many people waving their arms and yelling at City Hall. Thats when I decided to give up on waiting in line and make the best of what was left of the night.

Make sure that under no circumstances do you throw away your printed Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party ticket. They usually come as a pdf in your email so you can probably print out another, but you NEED THAT TICKET TO REDEEM THE VOUCHER.

The voucher is not a park hopper. It is one day admission for Magic Kingdom ONLY.

Using the vouchers

Redeeming this voucher was not easy and required a lot of explaining on my part. Some of the CMs looked at me funny, thinking I wanted to go to the Halloween Party in August, or buy party tickets in February. I needed to explain clearly that the voucher was for a free day at Magic Kingdom as compensation for a rained out Halloween Party. I just need a one day admission ticket for Magic Kingdom. Every time I went thru this process the Cast Member disappeared in the back room for several minutes. When they came back, they knew exactly what to do, I got my ticket, and I was on my way.

Share your experiences and thoughts

Have you ever had a similar experience for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party? Or even on a regular night in the parks where weather or other circumstances made you wish you could get that day back? Please share in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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