Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2011

Well, it’s almost time for us to visit the happiest place during happiest time of year – Walt Disney World during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival! If there was one thing we learned from our last trip, it’s that you can’t do it all in a weekend! Last year was our first visit during the Food and Wine Fest and it was also unfortunately the last weekend of the event. We were overwhelmed (but truly what did we expect?) by the masses lined up at the booths. Much to our dismay, we were unable to take full advantage of all the unique and diverse culinary samples that we were so looking forward to.

Last November’s trip was during a free dining period, which was great for use of our snack credits at the booths. We also had the kids with us, it was fun for them to try some new foods, but they weren’t as focused on the Fest as we adults wanted to be. I had planned an entire itinerary of the offerings at the different booths, which was the best use of our snack credits, which dishes were most recommended or sounded the most interesting, the drinks we really wanted to try,etc. etc. Well, none of that really happened. We sampled maybe 4 or 5 different things (the favorite being the Grilled Beef Skewer at Argentina), I did get to try the Prosecco in Italy (it was ok, but I’ll try something else this year) but we didn’t even get the best use of our snack credit with the Lobster Roll (at the Hops and Barley booth) or enjoy the escargot in France (something I knew I wouldn’t have to share with the kids!)

So this year we are going in October, we will have 2 days that are not over a weekend to take full advantage of all the mouth-watering offerings. We hope to even attend one of the Culinary or Wine and Beverage Seminars. And we are going without the kids. We know now what to expect in the crowd level and I’ll condense the itinerary to be a bit more manageable.

Does anyone else have a “plan of attack” for the Food and Wine Fest? We would love to hear other suggestions, still being novices at this event, any planning tips would be greatly appreciated!

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