Is EPCOT for Kids?

The simple answer is yes, EPCOT is a wonderful place for kids of all ages. But by reading around on the Internet it seems many people are not sure if their children would be interested in visiting EPCOT. Rest assured that besides having some of the most innovative rides on Disney property, such as Soarin’, Test Track, Mission: SPACE, and Ellen’s Energy Adventure, EPCOT is loaded with fun, interesting, educational, and entertaining activities for every age group.

First, all of the non-ride attractions are acceptable for all ages. Innoventions is full of educational activities and experiences. The JAMMitors perform their trashcan percussion show daily in the Innoventions Breezeway and there is a diverse range of live entertainment scattered through EPCOT.


I highly recommend seeing “Turtle Talk with Crush”. And although I personally have not seen it, I have heard great things about Journey Into Imagination with Figment.

These EPCOT rides have no height requirements:

  • Ellen’s Energy Adventure-Dark, could be scary for the very young.
  • Seas with Nemo & Friends-Dark, but shouldn’t be scary.
  • Living with the Land-A couple dark parts on the ride. Tolerable for the very young. Very educational and interesting for elementary school age and up. Did you say Nine Pound Lemon???
  • Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros-Dark but shouldn’t be scary.
  • Maelstrom- Dark, could be scary for the very young.

For kids 40” or taller:

  • Soarin’-Nothing to be scared of. Plan on using FASTPASS
  • Test Track-For the most part quite mild. There is a fast section at the end. Again, FASTPASS is usually important. If the wait times are short the standby queue has a lot to check out.

For those 44” or over:

  • Mission: SPACE-Space launch and flight simulator. There is a less intense and more intense experience. The more intense is VERY intense and there are lots of warnings telling you to do the less intense if you have any reservations whatsoever about the more intense version.

For preschoolers there are the Kidcot Fun stops. From the Disney web site:

Kidcot Fun Stops at Epcot theme park are lots of inspiring activity stations in World Showcase pavilions where preschoolers get crafty while discovering the richness and beauty of the fascinating world they live in.

For the older kids and pre-teens:

  • Agent P’s world Showcase Adventure. The kids “receive a high-tech detection device called F.O.N.E., or Field Operative Notification Equipment” to guide them through their mission. This is a very cool activity and gets you to explore the hidden treasures of World Showcase. There is a mission for each different country and you can return your F.O.N.E. at the end of any mission. One could spend most of a day executing all the missions in World Showcase. For more details on this adventure see the Disney website.

For a great personalized souvenir of your EPCOT adventure you can purchase a very official looking passport at many of the gift shops in EPCOT. It comes with stickers for each of the countries. You can take this to each of the countries in World Showcase and have it “validated” by a Cast Member from that country. From what I have read there is mixed info as to where this can get done. Some specifically mention doing this at the Kidcot station. Others say a country representative.  Since I have never done this myself I do not know exactly how it works but I plan on finding out on my next visit!


  1. […] Epcot has many indoor attractions in both Future World and World Showcase. If you find yourself in World Showcase there are many indoor movies, shows, and exhibits. In Future World there are plenty of places to keep dry at Innoventions, The Land, and The Seas. Note that Test Track is one of the first attractions to shut down due to rain but pay attention to when it comes back on line to take advantage of short waits. Use the electronic signs in Future World or consider the Disney Parks Mobile Magic app to look for ride info updates. […]

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