Photo Series – Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Part 13

The thirteenth installment of our Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party photo series features some candid photos of guest costumes. This is the one time of year when Disney World does not frown on Guests wearing costumes and party goers do take advantage!

In case you missed it, last night we featured photos from the Villains’ Dance Mix and Mingle.  There are only a couple more Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties scheduled this year and I promise I am saving the best for last, including photos from HalloWishes!  Be sure to like our Facebook page to be notified of upcoming posts!

I took a lot of photos from this spot along Min Street USA. I wasn’t sure about sharing them all but it looks like I got the thumbs up from this guy…


Here’s a groovy couple hangin’ out…


The Mad Hatter…


I think this guy would fit in better over at Universal…


Arriving early and hanging out at the entrance gates is a great way to see all of the enthusiastic guests as they arrive…


Unlikely couple???




Russell and Carl from Up!


Aarrrgh! Ye bunch of scurvy swabs!


Only two more episodes left in our Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Photo Series! We still have some great night photos of the Halloween lighting of Haunted Mansion as well as HalloWishes! Don’t miss them!

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